Avergan Foundation

Scholarships to Families Utilizing Early Intervention Services

We are committed to supporting families with children ages 2-5 years old, on the autism spectrum, that are currently utilizing early intervention services from qualified private schools and therapy providers.  Services from these private providers can be very expensive and the financial burdens can be overwhelming for the families. This is where Avergan Foundation can help!  We provide a scholarship program to help ensure that families that want to provide early intervention services to their children will not be impeded by financial limitations.  Currently, we are focusing on children in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Scholarship money is awarded twice a year (see below for more information).  Scholarship payments are provided directly to providers on a monthly basis by Avergan Foundation.  Funds are NOT provided directly to the applicant.  If you have any questions, please email hello@averganfoundation.org.

Scholarships are awarded for the periods of January through June and July through December.  Applications can be submitted at any time, but to be considered for a scholarship from January through June, the application deadline is November 30th.  For the July through December scholarships, the application deadline is May 31st.  Decisions will be made on/by December 15th and June 15th, respectively.  Application form can be downloaded here –> avergan foundation scholarship funds application