Avergan Foundation

Date Nights for Parents

As parents of a special needs child, my husband and I hardly ever had a night that we could spend with just each other.  You are worried about finding the appropriate child care services, the additional cost of that care and even the cost of the restaurant too.

But, it is so important as a couple, and especially, a couple with a special needs child, to make time for yourself, so you can recharge as a couple and be a united team, always.

Avergan Foundation will be providing a night out for deserving parents, free of charge, with the help of some amazing local businesses.  We are also working with the Naptown Nannies to provide qualified child care for their child(ren) for the evening.  We know that focusing on your relationship and making time for each other will only strengthen the entire family.  To nominate a deserving couple, please click here.