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Mariner Music Fest :: Wrap Up


Sep 14


Wow, I can’t believe how fast the summer flew by this year. I felt like the Mariner Music Fest was only a few weeks behind us, but then look up and we two months past! Wow!! The First Annual Mariner Music Fest was a great success for Avergan Foundation and the community. We raised about $2500 with the event and got to feature local and not-so-local live music for 10 hours! And, the best part was our event for kids! Children enjoyed live music, arts and crafts and an instrument zoo too! Fun for all ages. Special thanks to Sloop Betty Vodka for donating the liquor for our signature drink of the day – the Maryland Mule. Also, special thanks to His & Hers Media for photographing our Sloop Betty Girl models. Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge was a wonderful host and provided support all through the day and into the night — along with providing the entire space for free!! We are so happy to have such an amazing partner for our fundraising events. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so here are so great shots from the day. Be sure to stay tuned next summer for the Second Annual Mariner Music Fest!!

Oh, and check out this great video from our slow motion photo booth too! Kids and adults LOVED this booth — and all donated from Hollywood Slow Motion. http://vimeo.com/101476401

We also received some great post event press coverage from The Capital. You can read the article here.

mmf 1 his & hers photography

mmf 2 his & hers photography

mmf 3 his & hers photography

mmf 4 his & hers photography

mmf 5 his & hers photography

mmf 6 his & hers photography

mmf 7 his & hers photography

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